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Balanced diet for pregnancy, post partum, lactation etc. Resolve your queries on Wonderhood

Specialist Diet Consultation

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What to eat today that would be nutritious and yet taste nice?

Am I having balanced diet for my baby's healthy growth?

What to have to lose weight gained during pregnancy?

How to boost milk production through diet?

Struggling with Gestational Diabetes. What should my diet look like?

If you these or other questions pertaining to your diet, try out the consultation with our on panel nutritionist, Dr. Nitti Gupta.

An experienced nutritionist, Dr. Nitti has a vast experience in diet consultation around centered around pregnancy, specific conditions around pregnancy, post partum healing and weight loss.

How the process works

??¨- Select the offering and pay for it.

??¨- We will contact you regarding the consultation??¨ (to agree on the time for consultation etc.)

??¨- The telephonic consultation happens.

Please note:

??¨- This is a one time consultation. Any follow on consultations after the first time, be treated as separate consultations.

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