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wonderLearn Pre-school learning subscription (select age and duration)


1. Online Live teacher classes 

3 classes per week in group size of 1:4 . This allows for techer-child and chil-child interaction for a social skills development

2. Learning toys / puzzles / board games for 3-4.5 years olds-

There are 3-4 in every monthly kit

3. Amazing Books to read for 3-4.5 year olds

Two books that go with the overall learning goals and in sync with other concepts tyour child id learning in that month

4. Activity sheets for 3-4.5 year olds

To reinforce the concepts learnt through simple physical activity sheets. May include, drawing, colouring, cutting, pasting activities for fine motor skills, other types of activities for developing thinking.

5. Art and Craft sheets and activities for little preschool kids

One set every kit. Varies from roller kits, play dough, sponge painting, worli art, quilling, twilling and what not.

6. Online learning videos of our experienced Kindergarten educator

Helping your kids play wit the learning toys to explore the multi dimensions  of each toy. The educator uses rhymes, stories, songs and more to make the play time self engaging and more fun.

7. Simple and fun online digital games for preschoolers that reinforce the learning concepts

Kids of Zen Y need to work across media - physical and digital to create a complete and balanced learning experience.

Based on effective Multiple Intelligence and Playway based curriculum, the  subscription offers the power of complete learning from the safety of home