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Phonics Young Reader Program - Beginner (36 classes)


"Learn a new language and get a new soul.", A czech Proverb

English in today's world is not even a second language. It's almost our Mother Language. Set your little ones on the magical journey of learning English with the special focused Beginner Program. 

What can you expect from the program?

1. Familiarity with 4 key sounds groups (10 consonants) and all 5 vowels

2. Blending the sounds to make CVC words. 

3. Being able to spell the CVC blend words from Sound group 1-4

How does the program flow?

 - Receive a physical learning kit comprising of phonics focused toys and games to develop a love for learning language and phonics

 - Attend live teacher sessions from teachers especially trained on language skills

 - Practice and reinforce through different activities in class, @home and more