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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Standard delivery time 7-10 days
Seamless maternity support belt / band white color on Wonderhood
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New Mom

Seamless Maternity Support Belt - White

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Why the Seamless Maternity Support Belt? How does it help?

Well a pregnancy support belt helps support the baby bump but that is not all that it does.

1. It lifts and supports the abdomen and evenly distributes weight across the hips and back thereby easing pelvic pain and backache

2.It helps ease pressure on the lower back and promotes better posture

Why the support belt from Newmom?

3. Seamless, soft and breathable material gently wraps around the abdomen offering perfect coverage and fits discreetly under your normal clothes

4. Stretchable, elastic material supports the belly without compressing and progressively widens as the baby grows

5. May also be used as a Tummy tuck post delivery.

Pick the right size for best results. Refer to the size chart for the same.

Pack Size: Singles (1 piece/pack)

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