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newmom post partum corset for tummy tightening post delivery on WOnderhood. Beige color
newmom post partum corset for tummy tightening post delivery size chart on WOnderhood. Beige color
New Mom

Maternity Post Partum Corset

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Tummy compression for post partum slimming is a commonly used technique for getting your tummy back in shape after delivery. Women of yore would use cloth to tie around the waist tightly enough to create right level of compression. Bringing in a more manageble option with this post partum corset.

1. The premium quality corset retains its elasticity wear after wear & Increased width to cover the entire abdominal area
2. Targeted compression on the abdominal muscles improve blood circulation and works on the underlying tissues to give you a sleeker, slimmer look
3. Tightens and tones the flaccid abdominal muscles thus regaining its original shape and firmness Product quality well appreciated and prescribed by doctors to shape up postpartum tummy
4. Made of skin-friendly material which will not restrict normal body movements; can be worn under normal clothing discreetly
5. Supports and provides adequate compression thereby helping to relieve back pain & Velcro fitting to easily adjust to individual comfort

Safety Instructions
In case of C-section consult your Doctor before starting to use the product. Pick the product as per the size chart.

Pack: Singles (1 unit)

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