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New Mom

Maternity Compression Socks

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Swelling in foot and ankle is a common pregnancy phenomenon. It is caused by an increase in blood volume, pregnancy hormones and other fluid accumulation that occurs to help you carry extra oxygen and nutrients to your baby. These extra fluids tend to accumulate in your feet and ankles resulting in tired and aching feet.

Compression socks especially designed for the purpose of relieving this pains, helps with the symptom and ease pain and tiredness in the feet. They also help avoid more serious complications like Varicose veins that may be commonly developed during pregnancy.

Why is the product useful?
1. Graduated Compression- To boost the flow of blood back to the heart
2. Increases Blood Circulation- Thereby improving Venous back flow, reducing the possibility of leg, ankle and foot swelling

Select the socks as per size. In case of any prolonged discomfort or pain being experienced after wearing the socks, consult your gynecologist.

Pack: Singles (contains 1 pair of socks).

Please note for hygiene reasons, this product is non-returnable / non exchangable.

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