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personalized keepsake and pesonalized gifts. Keepmee, made from your baby's own clothes
personalized keepsake and pesonalized gifts. Keepmee, made from your baby's own clothes
Keepmee - My Monkey
keepsake from old precious cloth items. Keepmee Monkey
Keepmee - My Monkey
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Keepmee - My Monkey

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A new breed of Monkey is in town, the only one of its kind! Its quite cultured and may like to be invited for a cup of tea with your little ones!

Someone has very rightly said "Enjoy your children's babyhood coz they don't stay babies forever". Any parent or a grandparent will agree. As our little babies grow up so quickly, what we are left with are memories - Lots of them!! So how do we capture some of those and pass them on? Photos/ albums/frames  - Yeah but can it get more personalized and intimate?

Yes it can! How? Convert your baby's old clothes into their very own Keepmees - something that can not only be enjoyed by your grown up kids, but also passed down generations and into families. 

Just like there is no other baby like yours, there is no other Keepmee like yours!

 Tempted to try? Sign up for a special pre-launch offer of 20% off. We will contact you as soon as we are ready to ship (in about 3 weeks)

 How will it work (at launch)? Its Pretty simple actually.

  • Pick your favourite Keepmee and place an order 
  • Keep aside 3-4 cloth items to be transformed into a Keepmee
  • We collect the clothes from you
  • Your Keepmee lovingly made by us.
  • Your Keepmee delivered to you in 2 weeks from Order.

Guidelines for selecting the clothes

  • Keep aside 3-4 pieces for 1 Keepmee. We may mix and match for use. Also not every fabric or part of a used garment is always usable.
  • Its best to have a Cotton/Hosiery fabric for Keepmees.
  • Preferably keep t-shirts/frocks/tops as they offer more usable fabric compared to any other garment. 

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