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earthBaby New born Baby Gift Hamper
earthBaby New born Baby Gift Hamper

earthBaby New born Baby Gift Hamper

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A special Gift Hamper for a New born Baby containing all the baby essentials a new parent will need.

  • Ayurvedic Baby Massage oil: Based on an Ayurvedic treatise, we have formulated an oil with a sprinkling of several essential herbs that work to tone up your baby’s muscles and strengthen it’s bones. What’s even better is that this massage induces better sleep in infants.
  • Baby Shampoo: We have formulated a natural, safe and easy hair cleanser with the goodness of pure, natural oils and herbs for your little people. The hibiscus and aloe are guaranteed to leave their hair so soft, manageable and well-nourished that you may even want some for yourself!
  • Nappy-Rash Protection Oil: Despite keeping your baby well-aired, rashes do show up ever so often. PH imbalance in the micro-climate in the diaper region and chemical irritants are known causes of this rash. Our rash guard is made up of cold-pressed oils and carefully picked essential oils that are 100% Natural and therefore very safe for use. The oil soothes chaffed skin, heals it internally by forming a barrier against wetness.
  • Handmade Baby Soap: Unlike commercial ones, Hand Made soaps are made without detergents and artificial additives. Our Baby soap with saponified cold pressed edible oils will cleanse, moisturize, soothe and will not strip away natural oils. The exceptionally soft lather gives a delightfully smooth feel. Being unscented with zero essential oils, this Soap is ideal for a new born.
  • Nappy & Jhabla: Why old clothes for a new born? Let baby enjoy an extraordinary natural feel in these 100% Cotton, Natural-dyed Nappies & Jhablas. These are soft, comfortable and non-allergen. The herbs lend natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties to the fabric.

*Special Note: Always do a tiny patch test around baby’s elbow area before use of all products.

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