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Confident Breastfeeding by Dr. Anshu Arora

Confident Breastfeeding by Dr. Anshu Arora

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Confident Breastfeeding as the title explicitly indicates is all about feeding the baby with its mother's milk and the important benefits that accrue to such a practice.??¨

Breastfeeding is coming into vogue again and its benefits for babies in terms of health and nutrition cannot be over emphasized.??¨

More importantly, breastfeeding by sheer physical contact, brings about a bonding between mother and child that lasts for a long time. Mother's milk in terms of nutrition is all that baby needs. Breastfeeding for its part is looked upon generally as a contraceptive device for the mother. Hence the benefit for both mother and child.??¨


Unique Benefits of Breast Milk Breastfed Babies and Bottle Fed Babies Common Problems and their Solutions Attitudes Towards Breastfeeding??¨

In an age where women are also employed in full time jobs, breastfeeding can be an inconvenience that many may choose to avoid. The present book is an exhaustive account of all the factors involved in breastfeeding from the point of view both of the mother and the infant.

About the Author

Dr. Anshu Arora, MBBS, DGO in a Diplomate of the National Board. A practising gynaecologist and obstetrician by training she heads a clinic and is well established in her profession. She is an earnest campaigner for breastfeeding as a means to promote nutrition for children.

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