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Children Books - the last bargain on Wonderhood
Children Books - The last bargain
Karadi Tales

Children Books - The last bargain

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Sometimes, it's hard to get the perfect price for anything. But Choohe Ram always managed to make a bargain, no matter what deal he was making and with whom. One day, he bargained and bargained till he managed to make the greatest bargain of all!

This witty story by Samita Aiyer takes you from bargain to bargain through Garima Gupta's hilarious, intricate illustrations in water color.

Samita Aiyer heads a pharmaceutical company, and writes for children and adults during her spare time.

Garima Gupta is a renowned illustrator who has been published by National Geographic Traveller India and Scholastic India.

Wonderhood looks to bring exciting and fun books for babies, children and kids  all ages.

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