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Avado Organics Baby Naturals Bath & Body Wash- 250ml

Avado Organics Baby Naturals Bath & Body Wash- 250ml

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This soap free wash is pure and gentle enough for baby's body and hair. Nourishing Organic Avocado Oil and a gentle blend of Evening Primrose, Organic Rosehip and German Chamomile Oils, ensure your baby's skin is beautifully clean, soft and safe, naturally. Avado products are perfect for the  baby skin making it supple, soft and nourished everyday. Avado products are pure, natural and safe for babies.

About Avado

Avado is pure by nature and made in Australia. Organic contents found in Avado products are rich in Vitamin A, soothing, anti-inflammatory and contain essential fatty acids  and anti oxidants which keep the skin moisturized

At Avado, we use the freshest and most nutrient packed oil in the world. Avado only uses cold pressed certified organic avocado oil, distinguished by its green colour, instead of refined oil, so that your skin will receive all the goodness it deserves.  So don’t settle for anything less than the best certified organic avocado oil by Avado.

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