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Anti Nausea Wrist Band - Prenancy Essentials
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Anti nausea wrist band

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When one is 'expecting', one expects uninhibited, guilt free, food fun for the next 9 months. But what most women (75%) more precisely get in 1st trimester instead is Nausea! (Can you hear the glass shattering).?ÿ

Nausea is the most commonly experienced pregnancy symptom. But does that mean you should just live with it and accept it as a way of life? No of course not. Try tricks, fight it out!

As you try other tricks to combat it, anti-nausea bands comes to rescue. Created basis an ancient accupressure technicque, these nausea bands were a tried and tested technique used by travellers to combat sea sickness. What better than a beautiful sea journey sans the sickness! Wear them on both wrists and find visible nausea relief and start enjoying the pregnancy journey.

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