The most incredibly crafted learning toys for pre-schoolers!

Play-first learning with 200+ toys and activities, made of sustainable , high quality materials along LIVE classes and fun games


Using less plastic and more eco- friendly materials


Toys and not just one time activities


Our toys are blended with several themes and topics


Promotes lateral thinking and problem-solving 


Attract and increases your child's attention and focus

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Why are Educational Toys important in Early years? There is plenty of research and studies which show the importance of play in early childhood. Play is crucial to development as it is a big part of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children (Ginsberg, 2007). According to Shonkoff and Phillips (2000) play fosters healthy development of the brain; and enables children to explore, investigate, interact with, and understand the world around them. Play also helps children to take risks, build new competency skills, develop resilience, acquire problem-posing and problem-solving skills, critical thinking, practice decision-making, and be the agent of learning. 

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The Importance of Educational Toys in Early Years

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