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The gift of Stem cell banking for your baby and family at Rs.999/ month

Cures 80+ blood disorders

Useful for neurodegenerative disorders

Safe for Baby and Mother

Stem cells are the basic cells that form the building blocks for specialized body functions. A field of ongoing research, Stem cells can now be used for treating multiple diseases through stem cell transplant
Cord Blood Banking is the process of extracting and preserving the stem cells from the blood found in Placenta and Umbilical cord connecting a mother and her baby at the time of a baby’s birth.

The cord blood stem cells thus collected are a 100% genetic match with the baby. These stem cells are more powerful than the stem cells of an adult and have the potential of treating over 80 malignant blood related disorders which include Blood Cancer, Thallesemia etc.
In addition, there are clinical trials ongoing for the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells in treatment of diseases and also regenerative medicine. This process of preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells is completely non invasive and safe for both mother and baby.

Types of Cord Blood Banking


  • Strictly exclusive for the use of Baby or its family
  • Can be retrieved and used for a verified and approved treatment
  • User/Donor pays for the storage
  • Retrieval is free for the User/Donor and family


  • A group of people or families subscribe to Community/Social banking
  • Less exclusive than Private
  • Have access to all samples in the community
  • User/Donor pays for storage until the sample is used by a community member
  • Retrieval is free for any number of samples and for any number of family members


  • Combination of Private and Community in terms of features
  • Exclusive Storage offered to the baby and its family at a cost
  • Additional samples are available to the family from a Public banking unit
  • Retrievals are free for user/donor and family
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