The most structured online classes for kids

  • ✔ LIVE interactive online classes
  • ✔ 1:4 teacher-to-student ratio
  • ✔ Aligned to established curriculum

The most structured online classes for kids

  • ✔ LIVE interactive online classes
  • ✔ 1:4 teacher-to-student ratio
  • ✔ Aligned to established curriculum

Experience the Best Online Classes for Pre-Schoolers

Highly interactive

Boost social, emotional and speaking skills via teacher-student and kid-to-kid interaction

Extremely flexible

Learn from anytime, anywhere at your own desired pace

Heavily customizable

Plan as per your kid’s needs, age, duration of learning, focus on a particular skill, etc.

Glimpses of Wonderlearn Online Classes

Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Pinky Pradhan

For Ms. Pinky, working in the field of early childhood education, has always been her passion. She loves interacting with children and observing them. Trained by Knowledge University of Singapore and more 7+ years of Kindergarten experience with leading international chain, Ms. Pinky is our inhouse Phonics and Multiple Intelligence expert.

Ms. Dinpiliu Charenamei

Trained by Knowledge Universe of Singapore, Ms. Dinpiliu is a calm, patient and resourceful person with 5.5 + years of teaching experience. She is passionate towards teaching & believes teaching is a noble profession where one can nurture better individuals. Ms. Dinpiliu builds trusting and positive relationships with children.

Ms. Srilaxmi Patnala

With over 7 years of experience teaching little kids, teaching, for Ms. Srilaxmi, is her passion more than her profession. With special training and flair for teaching Mathematics, Ms. Srilaxmi believes,

Ms. Aditi Sriprasad

An artist, story-teller and musician, Ms. Aditi loves spending time teaching little children. A Steiner/Waldorf educator, Ms. Aditi has worked extensively with special needs' children, thus giving her a unique ability to connect with all children. An avid writer and thinker, Ms. Aditi also likes to bring academic research and rigour to curriclum, activities and books

Ms. Tamanna Basoya

Positively Motivated, an energetic team member who has a strong desire to grow in the field of early childhood education. Trained in ECCE with 3 years experience as a pre-school teacher and administration in Toddlers International School. Completed B.ed and passed CTET. Committed to raising standards and maximizing pupil progress. Have a long track record of delivering high-quality care and learning opportunities to children between 2-5 years. Apart from the subject matter, Tamanna provides parents with advice and mentoring, making it easy to work in hand for the progress of the child. Her quote for teaching is "It's not only teaching, but it takes a lot of effort and time to train yourself to be more than just a teacher." She believes teaching this age group is like molding raw clay and planting strong roots for the growth and development of a child.

Ms. Deigratia Dina Bareh

A passionate and enthusiastic Preschool teacher with 3 years of experience at Brats n Cuties, Miss Deigratia has completed her NPTT and ECCE from International Women Polytechnic, New Delhi. She is devoted to raising standards and maximizing each child's progress. She believes in building a strong bond with the children and parent partners, at the same time she is committed to creating a fun and healthy learning environment. Her motto in life is "Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it in any other way.

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