About Us

On a mission to make early learning for preschoolers a fun, delightful and rewarding experience by bringing together a meaningful range of learning toys, digital content, and best-in-class teaching community together.

Our Founders

Pooja Midha


An NMIMS and NSIT graduate, and a Mum to 2 kids, Pooja is passionate about bringing new trends to the Parenting and kids space. Her customer centric attitude is what makes Wonderhood, a high user empathy and customer centric organization. Before Wonderhood, Pooja worked with Sales and Marketing at Intel, focusing on strategic partnerships, PR and branding.

Kavitha Mohammad


With many years of experience in Sales, Business Development and Partnerships at Cisco, Intel and Egon Zehnder in Asia Pacific Japan, Kavitha has led large teams to incubate, build and successfully scale new solutions and portfolio sales in the region.
An Alumnus of Wharton (MBA), BITS Pilani , A.T.Kearney, Kavitha was the founding member of several new initiatives at Cisco and Intel. A marathon trainer, she is passionate about Child Education and Learning , volunteering her time for the same.

Our Magic Makers

Aditi Sriprasad

Manager - Content, Curriculum, Creatives

An artist, story-teller and 'in her room' musician, Aditi loves spending time teaching little children. She pursued her teacher training under the steiner/waldorf method of education, and has also worked for 2 years with special needs children for 2 years. She currently works with us as an educator and curriculum planner on the education front. Her interests include art, travel, music, animals, writing and reading.

Srilaxmi Patnala

Educator/Academic Counsellor

Teaching is her passion, profession and love for kids is endless. With a teaching experience of over 7 years, Srilaxmi has worked for kids friendly companies like KUMON,CUEMATH,PLABO and is exposed to different methodologies. For her,""Every child is different and every child has their own talent"". She always tries and understands the child first and then help them grow accordingly in small increasing steps.This way the bond stays for ever and kids learn a lot in this fun process.

Neha Khetarpal

Customer Relation Specialist

A smooth multi tasker, people person with caring attitude. Continuously handling dynamic role in educating and guiding the parents for an Early intervention of pre schooling for toddlers or with the special need children. Always a got getter and prefers to finish the given task the same day. A coffee lover and loves to go for long walks and play Badminton.

Ankur Tandon

Manager- Marketing & Branding

A strategist at heart with creative growth mindset and execution excellence. Ankur is passionate about brand and product marketing. Already building out high-caliber marketing programs focused on direct revenue contribution as well as delivering a superior brand experience. Beyond work, you'll find him sketching, painting, reading, sports (newly found interest) and with his loved ones.

Tammewar Shivanand

Associate Sales Manager

With a strong sales experience in ed-tech firms like Byjus, Whitehatjr and Oyo in the hospitality sector, Shivanand comes with a customer-centric approach. He has received several awards for his contribution in sales and growth of the organisations. He is really passionate about meeting and interacting with new people which makes him a great problem solver.

Shivani Sharma

Graphic Designer/illustrator

Graphic designer, artist, a learner, part-time mural artist who loves art supplies more than anything else with having strong passion and interest in art and design. Her passion for art always motivates her to keep it alive. Her only goal is to always follow passion with dedication and honesty. Additionally, Shivani loves to capture nature and is obsessed with flowers.

Dinpiliu Charenamei

Educator/Academic Counsellor

Trained by Knowledge Universe of Singapore and certified in Jolly Phonics/ Literacy, Dinpiliu has 5+ years at international chain Bright Horizons and loves to be around children. She is a calm, patient and resourceful person. She believes that teaching is a very noble profession where one can nurture and mould children into better individuals and hence so much passion towards it. Dinpiliu builds a trusting, positive relationship and always have positive interaction with children.

Pinky Pradhan

Senior Teacher/ Counseller

Trained by Knowledge Universe of Singapore, Pinky has 7+ years of kindergarten experience at international chain Bright Horizons. Working in the field of Early Childhood Education has always been her passion. She loves interacting with children, observing them and understanding each one of them. She believes each child is precious and unique and has the right to be heard, seen, loved and respected. She loves music and books.

Our Design Powerhouse

Neha Bharadwaj

Product Designer

An Architect by degree with (B.Arch from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi), A creator by passion and heart. Neha, is the creative force behind the team and thrives on creating beautiful, eco-friendly and functional product & product designs that she keeps trying on her 4 year old.

Gaurav Kapoor

Product Designer

Gaurav, also an architect by degree (B. Arch from School of Planning and Architecture), loves bringing new products to life as much as he loves bringing new buildings to life. With a panache for converting design into a real, living and breathing product, Gaurav’s inspirations come from his travel and his dog quirkily named Kalicharan.

Our Advisors

Pulkit Midha

SVP, CRMNext (Advisor to wonderhood)

Across his stints with Cisco, Linkedin, Salesforce and CRMNext, Pulkit has experienced varied customer journeys from enterprise to end consumer. He advises Wonderhood on customer acquisition, sales operations and success

Abhijit Kane

Co-Founder, Postman (Tech Advisor to wonderhood)

Across his stints with Cisco, Linkedin, Salesforce and CRMNext, Pulkit has experienced varied customer journeys from enterprise to end consumer. He advises Wonderhood on customer acquisition, sales operations and success.

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