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Pura Stainless steel bottles



Pura was founded in 2008 and much to our frustration our idea was ahead of its time. We saw a lot of puzzled faces in our early meetings. “So what if a juvenile bottle only works at one stage of life?” “Who cares about plastic lids, spouts, collars and the like?” Stainless steel is too antiseptic for a baby product or adult bottle. But we would not give up.
As parents, we knew that nothing is more important than the safety of our little ones – and nothing is more wasteful than constantly discarding bottles as one’s child matures. So we pushed on and ignored the naysayers. We made mistakes but redoubled our efforts. We listened to our customers and continually sought to improve our products and the benefits they deliver.
People started to take notice and 2012 we won an astounding 14 independent awards including recognition from pediatricians and the US House of Representatives. Pura became a real company. In 2016 we became the first product to achieve the NON-TOXIC CERTIFIED rating from MadeSafe. We now have 37 awards and 17 issued patents. We are on our way!