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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Third Trimester Checklist

checklist third trimester

This trimester is a hectic one with you making preparations for the baby requirements. Hopefully you have done your research and know which products you need and how will you get those (purchase, get as gifts, take hands me down from family or friends etc.). Here is the list of things you will need to get ready before the baby comes and keep your hands full

Baby Prep

  1. Keep baby essentials ready – weather appropriate clothes, cotton nappies and diapers (in high no. to not get stressed with immediate washing all the time), Cotton or wet wipes to clean the baby, baby grooming products (Oil, soap, lotions, diaper rash creams), diaper mats, baby sheets are a few baby essentials you will need from day one. If purchasing new, its best to wash the cloth items to make them soft for the use of the little one
  2. Nursery items  - Ones that you decide to have and need in the initial stages of the baby. Common ones include – bathing chair, rockers or carry cots, mosquito nets, feeder bottles (and sterlizer) etc.

Mother prep

  1. Keep the Hospital bag for mommy and baby ready (refer to the checklist)
  2. Have the feeding necessities in place – feeder bras (though optional are recommended as they make it really easy to feed without managing the dreaded bra all the time); feeding pillow (optional though recommended); feeder cover; bra pads; nipple butter/ointment. You may not need them immediately but most mothers end up needing one or more of these items soon after delivery
  3. Its advisable for moms to keep the breast nipples well oiled (especially if you are in dry weather conditions) prior to delivery to avoid nipple cuts later on. However don’t overly massage the breast as it may induce pre-term labor.
  4. Over the next 2-3 weeks wrap up any pending projects or work


  1. If you looking to enroll for Cord blood banking, you should finalize the same at the earliest. Still deciding on cord blood banking. This article may help
  2. Plan proper support during the post partum time
  3. Have the necessary nutritious mother eatables well stocked. Things like whole wheat porridge, nuts, roasted makhanas, ajwain laddoos are some good options.

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