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Setting up a baby nursery

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Choosing furniture and furnishings for the nursery is so exciting and joyful, and here’s what you must remember before going overboard with the plush toys and decals on the wall:


Aim at creating a comfortable and safe space for you and baby, it will be your refuge and safe haven from the rest of the world. If you are choosing a crib, it is often the center of the nursery, and make sure you find the right one. If with slats, make sure that the space between the bars is between 50mm-85mm; and ensure that the mattress is well fitted with no more than 25mm space between the cot sides and the mattress.

Also, when choosing nursery furniture, do include a comfortable rocking chair for yourself for when you will need comforting along with the wailing infant.


Make sure everything you need for changing diapers, cleaning up afterwards, and dressing the baby are all within reach, and in a single place. You may want to have all feeding supplies within an arm’s reach too. Make sure you don’t have to bend or contort to reach the equipment you need all the time.

Proper lighting and temperature control

A night-light is essential, as is making sure there are no power cords stretching across the room. Remember you will spend many an hour pacing down this room (yes, children have colic, and no, it’s not always bright and sunny). Remember fans and air-conditioning are essential, as is power back-up.

Adequate storage space:

It is incredible how much a baby weighing 3 kilograms accumulates, and you can never have enough shelves and drawers for a baby. Make sure most of your storage space is covered so that the clutter is hidden from view (yes, super moms also trick themselves into believing it’s an organized house).

Pretty. Of course!

While you need the space to be extremely functional and safe, let’s not forget that the nursery is meant for the most important person in the world!! Make sure it has tiny accents and pictures true to the joy and anticipation you feel. Don’t let your budget be a deterrent to your creativity, and remember that the easiest way to brighten up the space is to put out some soft toys and create a picture wall with adorable pictures of your little angel.

Happy decorating, mommy!


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