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Key Diseases curable by Stem cell Transplant

Are you an Expecting parent waiting to welcome a little a bundle of joy in your lives and arms? Congratulations. Its a great journey!

If you are in any stage of Pregnancy you would have heard the term Baby Umbilical cord blood banking OR stem cell banking OR Cord banking. Not yet? You will hear it soon enough. 

What is Baby umbilical cord blood banking or why is it useful has been covered by us in another article that you may want to refer The Basics of cord blood banking

In this article, we talk about the diseases that are curable using Baby Umbilical cord blood banking. Have more questions on efficacy of stem cell banking? Read Top 3 questions that Parents considering cord blood banking have.

  1. What diseases are cured by stem cell transplant today?

Stem cell transplant today has been medically established to effectively treat the conditions related to blood. Today close to 80 blood related disorders which include Blood cancers, Immune system disorders and also Metabolic Disorders, can be treated using Umbilical cord blood stem cell banking.

  1. What are the chances of having one of these diseases that are curable using stem cell transplant?

Most diseases which are curable using stem cell transplant are not very widely prevalent diseases. However, they are also not diseases which are completely unheard of. Some of the common ones include:

  1. Blood Cancer (ALL or AML) – As per the Cancer society of India, about 50,000 adoloscents (0-19 years) will be diagnosed with blood cancel (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia OR Acute Myeloid Leukemia) every year. This is about 0.01% (1 in every 10,000) of the total adolescent population of India. In children, ALL and AML form the most common kinds of cancers. Both can use stem cell transplant as a valid therapy.
  2. Beta Thalassemia Major – The overall prevalence of Beta thalassemia Major in the country is about 3-4% with an estimate of about 10,000-12,000 children every year are born with Beta Thalassemia

Can Stem cell transplant be effectively used for treatment of these diseases

Stem cell transplant is a complicated procedure and has risks and complexities associated with it, just like any other complex organ transplant surgery. So stem cell transplant is typically not the fist line of treatment used for say Leukemia. Howeve, cases which are very complex or have higher chances of recurrence, chemotherapy along with stem cell transplant is considered a valid line of treatment together with an aggressive treatment of chemotherapy.

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