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Basics of Umbilical Cord Stem cell Banking

Umbilical Cord stem cell Banking  - Facts and Information

Baby Umbilical Cord Blood Banking is the process of preserving the Stem cells extracted from the blood in umbilical Cord and placenta. Considering Stem cell banking? Well here are the details you may need. For more details log onto our app

What are stem cells?

Simply put they are the basic cells that form the building blocks for specialized body functions. Stem cells can now be used for treating multiple diseases through stem cell transplant. There are only a few known sources of collection and preservation of stem cells: Bone marrow which requires extraction by drilling into the bone; Extraction of adipose tissues using liposuction; and from the blood of umbilical cord and placenta just after birth.

How advanced is the science of using stem cells for treatment of Disorders:

Stemcell transplant is a field of ongoing research There are 2 modes of treatment existing using stem cells transplant: Allogeneic (where a patient receives stem cells from another matching donor either in the family or unknown. Typically a 67% above match is considered safe) and Autologous (where patient receives their own stem cells)

  • There are ~80 select genetic, hematologic and malignant disorders where Stem Cell transplant has become a standard therapy. In addition there are ~40 diseases including the likes of Autism, Spinal cord injury, Diabetes Type I, Knee Cartilage Repair where Stem cell transplant treatment is in various phases of clinical trials.
  • The Diseases where Autologous treatment works is ~5. That is because most conditions potentially treated by a patient’s own umbilical cord blood already exist in his or her own cells and, therefore, the stored blood cannot be used to treat the same individual.
  • The routine storage of umbilical cord blood as biological insurance against future disease is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, given the lack of scientific data to support its use and availability of allogeneic transplantation.

How frequently are banked stem cells used around the world

~ 30,000 cord blood transplants performed worldwide. In India cell banks like lifecell® and cordlife® have mentioned releasing ~34 and ~10 samples respectively in over 10 years of operation. No accurate estimates exist of the likelihood of children needing their own stored cord blood stem cells in the future. The range of available estimates is from 1 in 1000 to more than 1 in 200000

 How common is the stem cell banking practice across the world

As per a 2013 report, in US stem cell banking is opted for 50 out of every 1000 babies. The similar no. if 250 for Singapore and 2 in India.

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