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Sleep during pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman needs 7-8 hours of sleep with 1-2 hours of rest time (nap) in the afternoon for good blood supply to the baby. Mainly during pregnancy your sleep pattern becomes disturbed, this is due to hormonal changes, high stress levels and many other reasons.

To improve your sleep you can try these:

  • During the first three months you can sleep in any position but after 3 months when the baby growth starts appearing on your belly, you won’t be able to sleep on your stomach. So the doctors suggest you not to sleep on your back or on your stomach. The best position to sleep is on your left side, you can support your stomach by using pillow, blankets etc.
  • There is one more position that can help you to sleep better. Place 2 pillow below your back and 2 pillows between your legs and one pillow each under your hand. This position helps you have a proper sleep and also helps in decreasing acidity and breathing problems.
  • Avoid having sleeping pills if you are unable to sleep as it can harm your child.
  • Try to go technology free half hour before you sleep- so no television, laptop, mobile phones half hour before sleeping. And still if you are unable to sleep try meditation, foot massage, head massage, listen to soft music or read some light novel.
  • Having 1 glass hot milk before sleeping will help you sleep better.

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