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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Planning a baby moon or holiday travel during Pregnancy

A famous saying goes, “I need a vacation after a vacation with my kids”. If you think this is funny wait for only a few more months! Got you haven’t we?

Well, while vacation with kids is a very different kind of experience many couples also go for a last vacation without kids, more popularly known as ‘Babymoon’. Yes it is an experience we recommend, especially in 2nd trimester of pregnancy, as you are feeling much better and happier and this can be a  great bonding experience between you and your partner before the baby comes knocking.

Need help planning Babymoon? Here are a few tips!

  1. You don’t need to be specifically constrained on kind of place or the method to go there (flight, car, cruise etc.) but keep in mind that long travel, multiple layovers etc. is still something that can be tiring.
  2. Best to keep your doctor informed about the place and mode of reaching there before you make the final booking in case there is some specific condition he/she may like you to avoid.
  3. Best to check with airlines or cruise with which you are planning to book prior to booking on policies wrt pregnancy as different carriers may have a different one.
  4. While one may not like to think of it, its advisable to go to a place where you can get quick medical help should you so need.
  5. Some commonly picked destinations in India for babymoon include backwaters of Kerala, amazing food and vibrance of Amritsar, hilly feeling of Shimla/Mussorie; awesome beaches and French cuisine of Pondicherry; fun and carefreeness of Goa.
  6. Another option to explore could be pick a very good property in or around your city and move in there for a weekend. Enjoy the food and overall pampering and ambience.
  7. Mom-to-be is sure to enjoy good food at this point in pregnancy so make sure the place you pick up does offer a lot for taste buds.
  8. If you are making a getaway to a new touristy destination, remember not to make your days full of sightseeing. The soon-to-be Mommy will not have the energy to deal with a hectic sightseeing schedule for many days. Alternate your sight seeing days so she can get time for relaxation.

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