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5 top tips on dealing with a difficult Pregnancy

Every Pregnancy is unique. No two parents will have the same pregnancy story. While rosy pregnancy is a dream for all, increasingly difficult pregnancies are becoming a reality. Lifestyle, paranoia, rare conditions; the reasons notwithstanding, question is how do you deal with it if you are going through one?

  1. Its important to be in the right hands – Get a competent Doctor and Hospital you are comfortable with. Doctor approach ability and track record of being present for delivery even at odd hours is important. Some women have also gone with a team of Doctors rather than just one. So figure out your own formula of what works.

While finalizing the Hospital look out for important facilities like sophistication of NICU, Emergency care etc. and then decide.


  1. Get Support – Both physical and emotional support. As you get support from family and friends nearby, you can also look up for communities and forums online. Sometime it helps connecting with folks who are experiencing or have experienced what you are going through. Babycenter, J&J etc. have some of the most notable communities of expecting mothers.


  1. Meditate and think positively – While its normal to be anxious for the safety and well being of expecting mother and child, anxiety over it does not help. Try and relax your mind to bring calm and positivity to the whole experience. Meditation techniques like deep breathing, pranayama, Yoga-Nidra etc. may be helpful. You can even use soulful music to relieve your mind of stress and anxiety. In fact your baby will also surely enjoy a dose of calming music!


  1. Keep yourself occupied – There is no placebo like distraction to relieve your mind of anxiety and stress. Keep yourself sufficiently occupied beyond just the oncoming baby. Take on that special project at work, start gardening, take up an additional online course to enhance your skill set, connect with old friends and colleagues, read books etc. Basically engage yourself in productive pursuits and time will really start flying.


  1. Last but not the least, humour ALWAYS helps! – Laughter is truly a great medicine and it sure is in this case. So don’t forget the element of humor and fun especially in times of adversity.


  1. Daddies – You can be the rock that can keep both your babies stable and positive. Your attention, love, support and humor can be the wonder drug for your woman and the baby inside her.

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