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Baby's movement during pregnancy!

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The feeling of baby’s movement in the womb is an amazing part of pregnancy. This article will highlight the information about baby’s movement that you should be well aware of.

DFKC (daily foetal kick count)- it measures the baby’s movement and ensure that the baby is healthy.

There are different types of movements of the baby.

  • In the initial stage when the child is small and space in foetus is more the child can do a full somersault but as the child grows i.e. during last one month of pregnancy the child can show hand and feet movement but the child cannot move around that freely.
  • You start experiencing these movements from 5th month and from 7th month onwards you should keep a track of those movements as it is difficult to keep a track of movements before that.
  • Factors which can affected baby’s movement include being overweight (if you have lot of swelling or if your pregnancy weight is too much you tend not to feel the movement), if the baby is not well or not healthy (you may experience less movement), etc.
  • If the mother is suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure it becomes necessary to keep a track on movement of the baby.
  • When you have to experience baby’s movement, isolate yourself from all the other work you are doing and focus solely on the movement. Sit on a recliner or lay down to track the movement of the baby.
  • The child’s movement can be counted when the baby is moving by its own. You need to track the movement for 2 hours.
  • If the baby is moving more than 10 times then the baby is healthy. If the movement is less, then there can be many reasons for that- the baby might be sleeping, walk for some time or drink some juice or eat something as measuring the movement empty stomach is not recommended.
  • Still if the movement is low report to the doctor. When you visit the doctor, the doctor will give a thorough examination and monitor the growth.
  • In case of twins, during the initial pregnancy phase you might feel distinct movements of both the babies but as your baby grows and become entangled to each other observing each movement might be difficult, so go to the doctor more frequently so get the check-up done.
  • It is not such a precise method of checking your baby’s movement, so do visit your doctor as per your appointment and if you feel there is some problem with the movement do not delay and schedule and appointment and go and meet him as soon as possible.

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