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Baby's development during 2nd trimester

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Knowing about your baby’s development while your baby is in your foetus connects you to him/her.  Here are some developments of baby in second trimester:


At 16 weeks your baby is approximately 4 ½ inches long, all the organs have formed, breathing has started, heart rate of baby is double than that of your heart rate, toes, fingers have started developing and the baby is able to swallow.


At 20 weeks your baby is about 8-10 inches long and about 1 pound and eyelash and eyebrow have started growing and first sweat gland appears. Muscle and bones becomes stronger and you experience kicking movements in the womb. Your baby can hear now and he/ she can get startled by sharp sounds.


At 24 weeks of baby the baby is 12- 14 inches long and weighs about 1 ½ -2 pound. The baby is considered viable which means if the baby is born now the rate of survival are high. Baby can open and close eyes, and experience hiccups, baby can suck thumb which can be observed through ultrasound. Whatever you eat/drink the baby can taste that and will react accordingly in the womb.


Take care of yourself and monitor the growth progress of your baby which can help you in understanding and connecting with your baby in a better way.


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