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Baby Products - A guide to shopping the right ones

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Baby Products - What to invest in?

Babies are priceless (and of course they are invaluable to us too). Based on an estimate by Economic Times in April 2011, the cost of raising a child from birth to age 21 Years for a middle to upper-middle income family comes to about ₹55 lakh. Bringing up babies now-a-days is pretty much like living in a sci-fi with tons of gadgets around to help. Unfortunately, no clever scientist has developed a gadget to handle a crying baby at night. That glorious job is only for you dear Mummy and Daddy! But for everything else there is Mastercard (sic) or visa card or American express!

So which are the gadgets that you should absolutely loosen your purse string for? Which ones can be avoided to not only save you some precious moolah but also that precious space at home. We bring you the list of gadgets that parents may need to purchase upto first 6 months after a baby is born and also our take on what may be a good purchase.


Used for

Period of usage

Avg. Cost (INR)

Our verdict

Breast Pumps

Pumping mother’s milk to be fed through bottle or spoon

0-time you are breastfeeding

2500 (manual)

4000 (electric)

Yes – if you are ok to introduce your baby to bottles early on this may be a handy product. Gives the benefit of breast milk to the baby and ease to the mothers.

Feeding Pillows

Providing support to the suckling baby

0-8 mo


Yes - Feeding pillow if chosen wisely can be used before delivery by mothers in place of body pillows too.

Baby bassinet           

Sleeping small babies

0-6 mo


No – Limited time usage. Instead of pure bassinets we recommend buying baby prams with seats that enable 100% reclining for first 6-7 months.

Baby Cradle

Sleeping and soothing small babies



No – bulky taking lot of space, limited time usage. Also their adoption depends on the baby and is hence questionable.


Essentially a baby bed

0-4 years


Yes – even though they take space and cost high, they are a good investment to train your child to sleep separately. They can also be used as enclosed play areas. However, te key is to buy early or train the child to sleep separately from the beginning.

Bottle Sterilizer

For sterilizing the feeder bottles

0-time your child uses bottle


Yes. Saves a lot of time and hassle in filling the gas heating pot.

Bathing Chairs/Tubs

Self explanatory

0-8 mo


Yes – Makes it very easy and safe for anyone to bathe new borns.

Car seat

For tucking the baby in in the car

0-4 years theoretically

0-1+ year practically


No. Car seats were originally designed keeping child safety during a collision in mind. However they may not be a very practical gadget. For kids below 1 year, carry cots can easily double up as car seats if so needed. For 1+ kids, seat belts too can be used.

Baby Rocker


For rocking the baby to soothe/play

0-9 mo


Divided – The use of rocker depends entirely on the baby. Some kids have known to enjoy and use it extensively while others no. Might help to try a rocker to see how your baby responds to it before buying.

Carry Cot

To handily carry the baby

0-8 mo


Yes – they can be very useful in carrying the baby around handily esp. in cars. They also double up as rockers, and cots to keep the baby inclined

Nappy Changing Station

A station meant for changing nappies easily

0 – till the time you use diapers


No – we recommend creating your own changing station using a chest of drawers, wipeable and portable changing mat.

High Chair

For baby meal time and play time

6 mo-3 yrs


Yes –Useful to train kids to eat themselves and also to feed them without running around. Booster seats can be a cheaper alternative to high chairs.

Baby Strollers

For taking the baby around

0-4+ years

Variable based on functionality

Resounding YES – very useful product. It may be worth investing in multiple strollers over a period of time based on need.

Baby slings

Carrying the baby

0-9 mo


Divided – if you need to take the baby to places where stroller can be a hassle, or you need your hands to be free this may be useful.


The list above includes bigger gadgets/devices only. There will be smaller ones like feeding bottles, nursing pads, pacifiers, walkers etc. that you will be using at different stages.

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