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Managing two kids - How I have done it

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Managing two kids

Welcoming baby#2 is exciting time for everyone in the family, especially for that tiny person who’s going to be big brother or sister.Second time mommies sometimes stress over dividing their time and attention between the two kids, but there are ways you can turn it into a rewarding experience.

For a start, try to involve the older one in some baby chores. How about washing tiny feet during bath time? Or picking which dress to put on the baby? You bet sibling bonding is already underway!!

Toddlers go through a range of emotions which they can’t put in words, so let them question and find out answers from you.

Are you struggling to keep up with the social commitments for the older kid while addressing the sleep/ feeding pattern of the baby? Try to offload the older kid’s work to dad/ family for the first few months. This actually works out much better for everyone involved as you and your little one get exposed to different parenting styles which is always healthier. Also stronger family ties get developed in the process  till your little is ready to enjoy the outings too.

And it’s perfectly okay to sneak in some me-time whenever you get a chance!! Even if that is at the cost of not having everything around you as perfect. Perfection is a moving target and should be set as such. So for an initial phase define your perfection as managing two kids without losing your sanity :)

 - Blog by Priya Gupta, Mother of Miraya(5) and Avyan (2)

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