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Confessions of a second time Mother

Who said its going to be easy? The drill starts all over again. The only saving grace is this time you know the drill. As a matter of fact you are much better as a second time mommy. You correct your mistakes. You realize your mistakes. You are much calmer and less finicky! That doesn’t say you escape the depressing days. Vicious cycle of sleepless nights, feeding, crying, pooping, changing and repeat leaves you drained but this time around you know its not going to stay. This phase is going to get over.

However, this time around you also have your first born to care for! The moment your feel you are done with your baby chores, you realize you have been missing out on the elder one’s important lessons, classes, nutrition, milestones etc. As if this was not enough, creeps in the insecurities and voila! The first born suddenly develops all tactics of seeking your elusive attention. Unnecessary, unreasonable crying, tantrums, demands to become part of your daily routine.

Well, its not all just the scary stuff though. That moment when your elder one comes looking for the baby, when he kisses her on the forehead and cuddles her, its more than enough to make our busy day, missed holidays and weekend getaways worth missing and life worth for! I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to go back to those days all over again and enjoy those lil precious moments that somewhere we forget to enjoy with our first born as we were too busy being panicky!

To be continued.. (status has stayed the same for past 12 months) :)

 - Saumya Agarwal, Delhi, Mother of Suveera (1) and Abeer (4)

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