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When and how to do a pregnancy test

Pregnancy test should be conducted after you have skipped your periods or otherwise you can get misleading results. There are two methods to take the test. Both the test detects the presence of hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Below is the brief description of how to take the test.

  • Pregnancy kit test: Purchase a pregnancy test kit which consists of a dropper and a strip. Collect your morning midstream urine in a container, take few drops of it in a dropper and put 2-3 drops of your urine on the strip. This test is approximately 97% accurate.

There are 2 lines in the strip, if only one line appears that means the kit is working properly but the pregnancy test is negative, if 2 lines appears that means the pregnancy is positive, if no line appear that means the kit is not working and you should purchase other kit and try again.

  • Blood test: In this method, the nurse collects the blood and detects the presence of HCG hormone. This method test can detect your pregnancy earlier than urine test.


If your test is negative and still you experience fatigue, breast tenderness, missed period, repeat the test after a few days.

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