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Tips to manage a hectic job during pregnancy

Pregnancy is normal, and having a baby is definitely one of the greatest joys you will experience as a woman.

Pregnancy has its own pros and cons. Pros being the extra attention you get from your colleagues and the sense of satisfaction you get from doing something you are passionate about. This sense of satisfaction is very beneficial for the baby’s development. However, this comes at a cost of strain and pressure of traveling and competing deadlines.

It is possible to continue with your job till the last day of your maternity leave, no matter how hectic it is, provided you take precautions.

 Tips to manage a hectic job during pregnancy:

  • If your job involves a lot of standing, make sure you don’t do so for long hours. Take frequent breaks. Sit down or walk briefly to any leg cramps.
  • If your job involves a lot of physical labor, switch to a different role with less physical activity or swap the activity with a co-worker who can do the legwork.
  • If that is not possible, take an occasional sick leave for a break.
  • Try to limit travel during pregnancy. Most of the time it is possible to travel safely during pregnancy, provided you carry your medical records and fit to fly certificate with you.
  • Don’t overextend yourself. You have nothing to prove to anyone. All you need to do is take it easy and care for yourself.
  • If you feel stress get better of you or overly emotional, walk away from the scene and calm yourself down by deep breathing.
  • Talk to your supervisor about your schedules and your work timings. Agree that you will not accept new work.
  • Schedule your doctor’s appointments in the afternoon, so that you can go home after the appointment and take a nap.
  • Don’t take work home, no matter how interesting or important the job is. Keep your work life aside from your home. That adds to stress.

It is very important to take it easy in during pregnancy, and give utmost priority to yourself and your baby. Keep yourself hydrated and well fed, calm and stress free.

  1. Don’t be a hero:Reason out what and how much work you can do, and what responsibilities you can take. Give your rigid schedule minor adjustments to adjust to your pregnancy stage. Be upfront, and remember that you will be able to contribute as much as you did earlier, only in a different way.
  2. Take frequent breaks: While pregnancy a women body works hard to support the life in it, hence pregnant women feel easily tired. Working while pregnancy leaves very less scope to sit back and relax, which can cause fatigue. In such situation do not neglect the demands of your body, take time-to-time breaks when you want them. By taking short breaks, you will not over stress yourself and get back to work rejuvenated.
  3. Set your limits: When you are pregnant, you cannot hop around your office with files and reports to your bosses’ table every time he/she asks you. Cut back on few activities; take help from others with your work. Normally people at your work will love to help you with little things like this. Even bosses become merciful at such time. Remember that nothing is more urgent than your health and safety things can wait at your office. If you are assigned with some task, make sure to accept it only when you are sure that you will submit the work on time and let others come forward to do few things.
  4. Maintain a schedule every day:If you follow a timetable, stress will not bother you much. By assigning time to every task at home and work you will easily manage time and have a calmer state of mind. Take enough rest at night and start your day in happy mood. When you will get enough rest, you will automatically feel less stressed throughout the day
  5. Combat those hunger pangs:While at work, make sure that you stay hydrated and your stomach is full. If you feel nauseated, take trip to ladies room. Carry ginger ale with you for when your stomach feel upset and have healthy snacks during pregnancy. Do no neglect your health as you will feel less stressed when your body is healthy. Do not over think and over analyze
  6. Take walk breaks: There’s no doubt that the social aspect of an office environment is an attraction for some people. But gossipy “water cooler” sessions can often turn into huge non- productive time- guzzlers that end up causing a stressful rush to complete projects by the end of the day. A better alternative for break- times might be to take a brisk walk outside, or if the weather is not cooperative, take a stroll around various indoor areas of the building. If you ask a co-worker to join you, you will not only get some exercise, you will also get your daily fix of social interaction to boot!
  7. Be Meticulous About Hand-Washing: This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you consider the story of a doctor that was able to save lives by simply championing hand-washing, it’s a great reminder for the importance of this regular practice. I think most of us take for granted that we, and the people we work with, wash our hands enough each day. The New York Times, however, reported that even hospitals struggle to get doctors and nurses to wash their hands regularly during rounds. So it can’t hurt to be extra vigilant about washing your hands several times throughout the day -- it could potentially make a huge difference to you, and your baby’s, overall health.
  8. Bring Homemade Lunches and Snacks: One common experience of many pregnant women is that people want to feed them. The presence of an extra, tiny little new life brings out the nurturer in most co-workers. Even if you consciously try to avoid the aforementioned shared office treats, there’s always someone who “thoughtfully” brings over a few of those delicacies and sets them directly on your desk.


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