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Tiding over Morning sickness

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Tiding over nausea

Pregnancy Nausea or Morning sickness is a tell-tale sign of pregnancy. Most women experience nausea during pregnancy well 75% to be more precise. For some it is not even just morning sickness. Its an all day sickness.

The good news is that nausea during pregnancy is a good sign – it indicates high levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Nausea should subside when the placenta takes over to nourish and maintain your baby in the second trimester.

Occasionally, oestrogen and thyroxine, or if you’re having twins, may exacerbate your suffering.

Common ‘cures’ for nausea include sufficient sleep, relaxation and eating little amounts regularly (often spicy, rich, fried and fatty foods trigger nausea, so steer clear of those).

Ginger-flavoured teas, lollipops and biscuits (but do try limit sugar intake) may help, as might sipping water (some prefer iced water), to keep you hydrated. Cranberry juice every now and then can help prevent bladder infections, which are common at this stage.

There are some alternate therapies also that you can try - Keeping a citrus fragrance close to yourself and inhaling that, helps settle nausea. Using acupressure on a specific point like wrists also does the same. Having cold foods instead of hot, are some alternate therapies that may help relieve the nausea.

For Many women, aroma of hot food is one of the strong triggers of nausea. If that is your trigger too, avoid cooking in this time. Hand over the job to the dear Daddy-to-be!

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