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Questions to ask your Doctor in 1st trimester

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Questions to ask your Doctor this trimester

Congratulations, you’ve found a doctor to help you bring home the happiest, healthiest bay in the world! BUT you need to be able to communicate to be able to help your doctor help you…

Here’s a list of conversation starters for First trimester to help you get familiar with your OB-GYN.

  1. How pregnant am I, and when is the baby due? Also, what does my baby look like right now?
  2. Are you recommending any special tests for me, and if yes, why and when? [For an exhaustive list of tests as reference use the Wonderhood app]
  3. What information do you need to help me plan the next few months better?
  4. How much weight will I put on during pregnancy, and how will it be spaced?
  5. Do I need a special diet or vitamins/ supplements? Are there any foods which can harm the baby?
  6. I am currently on XYZ medication. Do I need to stop/ change? Also, which over-the-counter medications are safe? Are there any I should avoid?
  7. How long will my morning sickness last, and how can we help cope? How do I know I need medical help, and it’s not just morning sickness?
  8. Is sex safe during this stage of pregnancy? Is there anything which I am not supposed to do?
  9. Is there a regular exercise plan that I need to follow? This is what I do usually, what must be changed from my regular exercise routine?
  10. Can you recommend something to prevent stretch marks and the pigmentation on the face that sometimes happens?
  11. Am I at a higher risk of any specific complications or conditions?
  12. When should I contact you immediately? What are the symptoms/ signs which are considered normal, and should not make me panic?

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