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Myths during pregnancy

During pregnancy you have many doubts and confusions in your mind. Here are a few myths and facts:

  • Eat for two: During pregnancy you don’t have to eat for two, you just have to increase 300 k cal in your diet, and try to increase those calories by consuming nutritionally adequate food.
  • Milk and curd consumption: Some people say curd consumption may lead to cold and cough. On the contrary, curd contain probiotics which help to develop strong immune system, so you can have 1 bowl curd on a regular basis and 2-3 glasses of pasteurized milk.
  • Citrus fruits can cause cold: It is one of the myths as it contains Vitamin C which helps boost up your immunity.
  • Eating white will make your child fair and eating black will make your child’s complexion dark: The complexion of the child depends on the genes and not the food you eat.
  • Consume lots of ghee: Ghee contains just fats and no vitamins and minerals, so 2-3 tsp ghee is advisable per day but don’t consume too much quantity of ghee.
  • Cheese cannot be consumed: Avoid unpasteurized cheese, you can consume pasteurized cheese.

Do not overeat anything. Over consumption of even a good thing is bad. So consume everything but do take care of the quantities.


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