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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Malnutrition during pregnancy!!

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During pregnancy, consuming outside food, eating less or not eating properly or having unbalanced meals may have many harmful effects to you and your baby. Below are the reasons and effects of malnutrition during pregnancy.

Reasons for malnutrition can be:

  • Unable to have balanced diet due to social, economic or cultural reasons. For example, in a certain region some things might not be available.
  • Lack of knowledge: Many women are unaware of what to consume, and how to meet the calorie requirement, not to have empty calories etc.
  • Due to your health like irritability, anger, teeth problems, morning sickness, constipation diarrhoea, fever etc. you don’t feel like eating food.
  • Habits of self-medication like having iron and calcium supplement together which will hinder each other’s absorption or consumption of tea/ coffee with your main meals or with medicine which hinder nutrient aborption.

The effects of malnutrition can be:

  • Feeling weak, lethargic, less active, dizzy and hence prone to fall.
  • Decrease in immunity power due to which you can fall sick very frequently.
  • Deficiency of certain nutrients can cause imbalance in body.
  • Risk of complications during pregnancy. Like low iron level can increase the risk of bleeding during pregnancy. Low vit D3 and Calcium level can cause bone and joint pains.


The food you consume that is the only way through which your child is getting nutrition, if you don’t feed yourself correctly the baby won’t get the proper nutrient so you should have balanced diet. If you don’t feed yourself properly these problems can arise:

  • Premature delivery
  • Low birth weight
  • Low development- stunted growth

The baby may suffer throughout the life due to your improper food habits during pregnancy. So it is your responsibility to eat well and give the maximum health benefit and long life to your child.

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