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Initial signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Many women experiences pregnancy symptoms at a very early stage and others take a few weeks before different symptoms of pregnancy kick in and lucky few feel no discomfort at all. Many of the early symptoms of pregnancy look similar to those experienced before menstruation. These are few early pregnancy symptoms:


  • Nausea and Vomiting

They are the initial symptoms. Some women experience morning sickness, some in the afternoon or evening, and some throughout the day. Eating small frequent meals or snacking on salty biscuit provides some relief. Try having an apple/ milk at bedtime to lessen nausea in the morning. Pregnancy also makes you prone to certain odours which can aggregate nausea.

Among other techniques you can also try the Anti nausea band which is based on an ancient accupressure technique with no side effect and is known to alleviate all forms of nausea including pregnancy and travel.

  • Breast tenderness

You may notice that your breasts are tender, sore and start to enlarge. Your skin around the nipples becomes darker due to hormonal changes.

Breast tenderness can be relieved by massaging the breast using Oil. Palmer's Bust Cream is also known to be very effective in the same.

  • Frequent urination

Uterus swells during pregnancy and start to enlarge for the growing fetus.  And the uterus puts pressure on the bladder and you feel the need for more frequent urination.

  • Feeling tired/ sluggish

During pregnancy your body goes through some major hormonal changes so may feel overwhelmingly sleepy or tired.

  • Missed period/ Light bleeding

Between 6-12 days after conception, you may notice spotting or bleeding, this is called implantation bleeding and is the initial sign of pregnancy. After that your periods will get delayed or stop altogether. However, some women experience bleeding even while pregnant, though it is very rare.

  • Dizziness / fainting

When standing in one place you may feel dizzy or even faint, this is perhaps due to hormonal changes which affect your glucose level and blood pressure. So don’t skip your meal and have small frequent meal.

  • Constipation

Pregnancy hormones slow down your bowel functions to allow maximum absorption time for vitamins and nutrients. Eating lots of fibre (fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains) help you keep your bowel moving and avoid constipation.

  • Irritability

Irritability is a cause of changing hormones. Healthy diet, moderate exercise and plenty of sleep may help reduce irritability.

  • Food cravings

Hormonal changes may cause strange food craving and cravings begin in early pregnancy and may last throughout the pregnancy.

If you think you might be pregnant you should go and see a good doctor as the PMS and pregnancy symptoms look similar.

So you are facing these symptoms and confirmed with your Doctor that a little baby is on the way? Congratulations! 

Wonderhood helps with most of your 1st trimester needs by bringing the  Wonderhood 1st trimester box. , a thoughtfully curated box that helps with different symptoms you are facing now or may face as the pregnancy advances. 

If you are still unsure of your symptoms and would like to a get a professional opinion on the same, You may ask your medical query here: 

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    Dear Pallavi, for your query we recommend you consult with your gynecologist. If you would like to consult our panel physician, please send us a message using Whatsapp. So we can arrange for the physician consultation.

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    Iam having pcod I am getting period in 45 days so last one week on words I am getting headpain and so hungry is the pregnency

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