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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Footwear in Pregnancy

Why does footwear deserve its own little how to guide when you already own a zillion shoes? Well, because stuff changes when you are pregnant, and the correct shoe can mean freedom from niggling aches and pains, better stability and a healthier, happier you. Here’s what happens:

Your feet grow

Your feet grow, sometimes permanently, by a half size during pregnancy. Your feet and ankles will also swell, since water retention is common during pregnancy. So look for a shoe that is not tight and has a wide toe box.

You put on weight

Your weight increases, and this means your joints and feet have to put up with increased stress. You, therefore, need shoes proper arch support to maintain good posture, and prevent aches and pains. In fact, the American Foot Care Association recommends wearing an arch support to help support the extra weight.

You may fall

With the belly bump, your center of gravity shift upwards and relaxin (the hormone which prepares your pelvis to accommodate the growing baby) makes all your joints more flexible. This increases your risk of falls, and the right footwear can help mitigate this risk.

So which shoe do we choose?

No stilettos

Yes, Kate Middleton wore them throughout her pregnancy, but let us assure you, it must have been a royal pain in the b***.  Choose low, stacked heels, if you must, and try and wear flats as much as possible.

Avoid lace-ups

Can you imagine bending over to do your laces? Is daddy-to-be always at hand to help? No? Look for slip-ons. We don’t want you tripping over poorly tied shoelaces for sure!

Consider sneakers

They offer comfort, stability, and a non-skid soles and good arch support. You can look for a pretty pair if you want, but remember your feet may swell over the last few weeks of pregnancy, and they might not be the best choice then.

Consider sandals

They are pretty and allow the feet to breathe, and you can choose one with a cushioned, non-skid sole. But, if you need to wear compression stockings for ankle swellings, they don’t look very pretty.

Consider Flats/ flip-flops:

These are easy to wear, and breezy to look at. But make sure you choose one that provides adequate arch and ankle support, or they will be uncomfortable. Plus, compression stockings will need flip-flops without toes.

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