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Diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes pregnancy

During pregnancy diabetes can be a very serious problem. Here are the points to be remembered about diabetes.

  • During pregnancy your body wants more and more nutrition to reach your baby, so a kind of insulin resistance develops. Insulin is a hormone that helps sugar reach the cell and helps in supplying sugar through cell to different parts of the body. But if the sugar needs to reach the baby, more sugar has to flow in the blood stream and hence insulin resistance develops.
  • If some women is already suffering from diabetes or has borderline diabetes before conceiving, she is more prone to develop diabetes. PCOD, obesity, still birth, multiple pregnancies, family history of diabetes etc. can also lead to diabetes during pregnancy.
  • According to the recommendation of WHO, the pregnant women are given a glucose tolerance test around the initial stage and at 6th month of pregnancy in which 25g of glucose packet is given to the women to consume and after 2 hours of consumption blood sample is collected and is sent for testing. If the sugar levels are above 140, then further testing like HBA1C levels etc. are tested. If the levels are in the range of 120-140 the close monitoring is required and makes some lifestyle modifications.
  • Diabetes mother’s baby is mostly overweight. Diabetes can also lead to abortion, or still birth etc. It also affects delivery process as the chances of C- section delivery increases.
  • To avoid diabetes you need to modify your diet and lifestyle and if necessary take medicines that your doctor prescribes. Maintain a proper discipline to your routine.

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