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1st trimester- do's and don'ts

Enjoy your pregnancy and be grateful for this blessing. With pregnancy come great responsibilities so there is a list of certain do’s and don’ts that will help your growing baby thrive inside the womb.

 The DOS

Food as fuel: Choose organic foods and eat from local food sources as much as you can. This limits your exposure to pesticides.

Focus on folate: Do consult your doctor and start taking folate medicine immedicately. The requirement of folic acid in the first trimester is 600mg so fulfil requirement to prevent birth defects like spina bifida and anencephaly.

Take your prenatal vitamins: These vitamins will supply the necessary folate and will also help cover your needs for calcium, zinc, iron, EPA and DHA, two types of omega 3 fats that helps baby’s brain development.

Eat the rainbow: Have colourful fruits and vegetables like spinach, orange, carrot, apples, banana, blueberries etc as they contain nutrients and antioxidants.

Sleep well: Your body is going through various hormonal and emotional changes so it is fine to feel tired. Take frequent naps and have adequate sleep each night.

Exercise: Regular exercise helps you deal with the frequent mood and hormonal changes and fatigue occurring in this first trimester and it also helps prevent weight gain and battle insomnia.

Get a flu shot: Pregnancy women are more prone to flu as compared to healthy women who are not pregnant, so do get a flu shot as it can also protect the baby from contracting the flu after birth.

Visit the dentist: Physical changes in pregnancy can lead to changes in gum and teeth, so consult your dentist to identify any dental need.

Stay hydrates: Drink adequate amount of water as it helps prevent preterm labor and also helps prevent headaches, kidney stones and dizziness.

Ask for help: Don’t hesitate to ask your partner/ friend/ family member to help out more, maybe picking up an extra tasks around the house to ease your burden. Having extra help or having fewer tasks to accomplish will allow you more rest time.



Quit smoking: The nicotine is a health danger for pregnant women and developing babies, and can damage a developing baby’s brain and lungs so quit now!!

Say no to alcohol: Drinking alcohol in the first three months of pregnancy can cause the baby to have abnormal facial facial features and growth and central nervous system problems so avoid alcohol.

Avoid eating raw meat: Pregnant women who eat raw or undercooked meat and eggs are prone to bacterial infections which can cause severe birth defects and miscarriage. Cook your meat and eggs thoroughly prior to eating.

Avoid visiting the sauna: The risk of overheating, dehydration and fainting is huge every time you use a sauna, whirlpool, hot tub or steam room, so avoid sauna.

Avoid too much caffeine: Caffeine can cross the placenta and affect your growing baby’s heart rate so avoid caffeine as much as you can.

Avoid eating for two: Half of women gain too much weight during pregnancy. When that happens, the baby is at greater risk of obesity later in life. Eat until you are satisfied and then stop.

Take care of yourself: Eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and get enough sleep.

Before you know it, your little one will finally be here, physically in your arms. Then, as you hold and snuggle with your healthy new born, remember to thank yourself for following this list of dos and don’ts in the first trimester of your pregnancy. A healthy, happy baby makes it all worthwhile.


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  • Wonderhood on

    In the case of a faint line, its best to go for blood test to confirm pregnancy which is the most fool proof way of detecting pregnancy.

  • Neethu on

    My period is late for 8 days .I took home pregnancy test using pregnancy kit. I found very faint line on that kit.’m i pregnant or not.what steps i have to take.

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