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Ways to deal with a complicated pregnancy

Each pregnancy comes with its own unique stresses and tribulations. If you’ve just been informed about a pregnancy related complication, your anxiety is justifiable. But before you get overwhelmed, here’s what you must remember:

  1. Most of us are battling a pregnancy which may not be running true to “normal”. The risks and complications for each of us are different, and so our responses need to be tailored to the particular problem. The one thing you need to remember that even though the multiple doctor visits, restrictions and medications can be overwhelming, you are resilient, and your pregnancy is a time to celebrate and relax.
  2. Have a heart to heart chat with your doctor. This will help you understand your condition, and its management better. Talk openly about your fears and anxieties, you will find that so many of them are unfounded. Come back and read about what your doctor has discussed, ask your doctor if you need any clarifications. Seek a second opinion if you think it is required, and remember that a second opinion from Google does more damage than good.
  3. Follow your doctors’ instructions. If you’ve been advised bed rest, or pelvic rest, understand what that means, and follow your doctors’ instructions. If you’ve been advised medication, make sure you remember to take your meds on time, exactly as prescribed.
  4. Remember, you are not alone. Your spouse is your partner in ensuring your health, and also that of the baby. Lean on him. Find a support group online, or within your neighbourhood. Talking to friends can be extremely reassuring, but it can also be scary at times, with horror stories aplenty. Learn to weed out the negativity around you, and focus on the good.
  5. Remain positive. Regardless of what happens, the one thing you can control is your response to it. Choose to remain happy and cheerful, and hope for the best. With recent advances in medicine, your obstetrician will be able to tide over most complications, you will soon hind a healthy, happy baby in your arms. Focus on what is right, and how wonderful it will be once the baby is with you.

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