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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Managing stress during pregnancy

pregnancy stress

During pregnancy, stress places an important role in your and yours child well-being. It is very common to experience stress during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in your body. Here are the steps to have a stress free pregnancy or to reduce your stress during pregnancy:

  • Accept the fact that you are facing stress. Talk to your family, husband and doctor about it.
  • Give rest to your body. Due to stress your sleep might get disrupted, so rest and do not overexert yourself. You can try meditation or yoga to relieve your stress.
  • Join prenatal or anti natal classes. This way you can learn about pregnancy even more and when you are aware of all the changes that are going to happen you can prepare yourself for them. You also get to meet other pregnant women and you get motivated and feel stress free that you are not the only one and then you can share your feelings with them easily.
  • Take care of your diet. Stress may result in over eating or under eating. Proper intake of all the vitamins and minerals help you get stress free and will keep your baby healthy.
  • Exercise on regular basis. If you do regular exercise like prenatal yoga or pre natal exercise that helps you a lot by keeping your stress levels low and by reducing your pain.
  • Design your birth plan. Whatever plans you have for your pregnancy regarding how you want your delivery to be, in which hospital, who all should be present during that time, what all things will you carry to the hospital write them on a paper and discuss it with your partner and your doctor so as you don’t panic in the later stage. This way you will have a plan of action in hand.
  • Increase your capability to cope up with your surroundings, be it your work environment or home. Plan which things you need to keep in mind while traveling to work, or when to rest at home. Don’t overexert yourself at all.
  • Plan your finances with respect to the hospital, baby’s finances, and your finances. Talk to your partner and plan it out.  
  • Pamper yourself. Take care of your body and take care of yourself. You can indulge yourself in some hobby like watching movie or reading novel etc., avoid reading or watch murder mystery but you can read or watch light books/ movies.
  • If anything is bothering you, you go to your doctor and consult him and accordingly the doctor can suggest counseling or some medicines for the same depending on the extent of your stress.


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