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IVF- to go for it or not?

These days IVF has become a very popular method for women unable to getting pregnant. But maybe you are unable to get pregnant due to certain deficiencies. So before going for IVF, check out these parameters and work on these and still if you are unable to conceive then go for IVF.


  • Vitamin D levels: Look out for vitamin D3 levels if you are planning to get pregnant. Vitamin D3 is responsible for bones and moreover our body has Vitamin D receptors in placenta, uterus etc., which are responsible for pregnancy. So get your Vitamin D3 levels checked and bring them into range by sunlight or consuming fortified food or by consuming supplements.
  • Prolactin level: High prolactin level leads to infertility. Mainly high prolactin levels are due to stress. So get your prolactin levels checked and if you have high level then practice yoga, exercise, meditate and eat healthy food in the right amount.


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