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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Eclipse during pregnancy!!

eclipse pregnancy

During pregnancy if you hear there is an eclipse you began to panic. So here are a few myths and facts about the same.

  • You cannot go out of your house: It is an age old saying because in earlier time street lights were not that widespread and during pregnancy your balancing power decreases so your chances of falling were on rise. Moreover during eclipse, bacteria and mosquitoes are on rise. Rays emitted during eclipse cannot be absorbed by the body so as such there is no harmful effect by the rays.
  • You cannot eat/cook: During eclipse there is a drop in temperature as the sun rays are blocked which can cause bacteria, microbes and harmful germs to spread. So, it is not advisable to cook, or eat during eclipse.
  • You cannot use sharp objects like knife or scissor: It is a common myth and again a very age old saying just because of darkness.
  • It can affect your psychology: You might have heard many stories about eclipse and pregnancy so you might develop fear within you and negative attracts negative. As such eclipse doesn’t have anything to do with psychology but you have already generated such a mind-set for you that negative tends to happen.

Due to fear if you stay hungry throughout the day or don’t rest then you are vulnerable to bad health. If you eat before eclipse and stay hungry for 1-2 hours or rest and your family is happy with it go ahead and do it but don’t starve yourself or overexert throughout the day.

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