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Baby care taking - some myths and realities

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After the baby is born there are numerous myths which you need to be well aware of. Here are the various myths and the facts.

  • Honey to be given to the child as soon as the child is born. This is the most common myth. Giving honey at the time of child birth can lead to infection in the new born.
  • The baby should be wrapped in a cloth tightly(swaddling) as soon the baby is born so that the baby’s hand and feet remains straight. Baby swaddling is a good practice and early habit to develop in your baby as it makes the handling of baby much easier, babies sleep better, stay at the right temperature etc. But, as such, it has no impact on keeping. the baby’s hand or leg straight.
  • Not massaging your baby everyday or twice a day makes them weak: There is no proven scientific research to suggest massage is a must for baby growth and development. Massages have other positive effects on babies and it makes them physically and mentally relaxed. It also helps develop a closer bond between the baby and the caregiver (Mother, father, grandparent, whoever it may be). So its best for a family member to massage a baby and that too with soft hands to achieve the desired purpose. 
  • If the child’s nose or ear is blocked put some oil or mother’s milk to treat it: This is not true. If you put oil to the baby’s ear it can cause an infection so it is not indicated.
  • If you give some formula feed or cow’s milk along with breast feed your child will be healthier. The best food for child till 6 months is exclusive breast feed. Top feed, formula feed or water should not be given. The entire nutrients that your baby requires are present in breast milk so top feed is not prescribed. Having said that, as a parent it is your choice how long you want to breastfeed your baby, exclusively or not. In case you do not want to exclusively breastfeed after a point, again the alternates are your own choice.
  • You can change the shape of a Baby's nose by pressing it regularly in early days - if this were true, wont we all look good with exactly similar sharp noses? The shape of baby's nose is purely defined by genetics and cannot be altered anyhow (unless done surgically). So save yourself and your baby lot of grief and quit trying to alter their body. Accept that your baby is beautiful as it is!
  • You can make your baby less hairy by rubbing dough (atta) over their body - Again, remember the genetics are at play here. Most babies are born with high amount of body hair which will go down on its own over a period of time. However, the actual quantum of body hair will be determined by genetics.
  • If the baby is not fair apply powder to improve the complexion of the baby: Applying powder does not make your baby fair. But if you want to apply powder to the baby in order to make him/ her feel fresh then do not use the puff, apply using light hand as when you apply powder with the help of puff the powder can enter the nostrils or ear which can cause infection and moreover if in baby girl’s private part powder is applied then it can increase chances of ovarian cancer in later stage of life.

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