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How to buy a Baby Sling Carrier

Baby wraps, Baby sling carriers, Baby carriers - They come in many names. They all serve one purpose - To help you hold you baby close to you in a hands free fashion. But with so many choices existing in the market - different materials, different shapes, different variants within the same brand or manufacturer, how does one decide what you or you baby needs? We help address some of your queries on what to look for in a baby sling carrier while purchasing

1. Age / Weight guidelines - Make sure you familiarize yourself fully with the age and weight specifications of a carrier before making a purchase whether its online or offline. Some carriers begin new born upwords but many don't. So be aware of your own need and the product details before purchasing.

2. Purchasing a Carrier for new born - While many products do state that they are usable new born upwards - new born babies that cannot hod their heads are difficult to carry around in a vertical position. They are best carried or moved around in a horizontal position - barring burp time of course. So think again if you absolutely need a baby sling carrier for the period of initial 1-3 months of baby.

3. Fabric of the Carrier - Fabric of the carrier becomes important especially in a weather like that of India. The carrier fabric needs to be comfortable both for the parent and the baby. All the more if you are carrying a new born or neonate. Its best to go for Cotton fabrics for the new born stage and eventually switch to sturdier carriers as baby grows in weight and size. Generally cotton slings are not able to support heavier babies very well. So if you plan to invest in just one carrier, best to buy a sturdier version which may not be available for new born. If you are open to investing in multiple, then ideal solution is to go for a new born cotton, ring kind of carrier, followed by sturdier carriers for heavier babies.

4. Shape of the carrier - Most carriers available in the market are designed to hold baby ergonomically and comfortably. So shape is not a huge factor there. You can rely on the expertise of well known existing brands there.

If there are other queries or factors that come to your mind, please feel free to comment so we can provide more information. 

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