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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Breast care post delivery

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It is very important to take care of your breast after delivery. The main function of breast after delivery is to feed the child. So here are the tips to take care of your breast.

  • During or before pregnancy you need to get your breast examined for any problem like if you have any lump on your breast that can be rectified, if you have problem in nipples that can also be solved. But timely examination is very important.
  • Mental positivity increases the milk production. So it is necessary to be positive. Jeera water, sauf water etc. increase milk secretion so have these.
  • Keep your nipples dry and clean as wetness can cause infection or soreness. After feeding baby dry your nipple, do not leave it wet. While feeding along with nipple, areola should also enter the baby’s mouth as milk gland is present in areola.
  • Sometimes the child sleep while taking the feed so do not pull your breast as it may cause injury instead tap on the lips of the child, he/she will open their mouth a bit and then take out your breast.
  • If your breast becomes sore or have some injury apply some breast milk in that area as breast milk contains immunoglobulin and antibodies and hence the healing will start. If your nipples are badly affected do not stop feeding the child, buy a nipple shield from the market and apply it or you can use breast pump to extract the milk and feed the child.
  • Excessive milk formation in breast tissue can cause the milk to collect which can cause infection which causes abscess. The sign of abscess includes fullness in breast, after that redness appears and after that it becomes infection and pain starts and when you touch that area you will feel warm. It is a very painful condition which if become worse the mother needs to stop feeding the child. So as soon as you see some swellings in your breast do go and consult your doctor.
  • Give appropriate support to your breast. Wear the right type and right size of bra, use appropriate nursing bra. Use bra according to your comfort. Nipple pads are also available in order to keep your nipples dry.
  • Take care of your posture; while feeding brings the baby to the breast do not take breast to the baby as it will be uncomfortable both for you and the baby.

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