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Baby's stool problem

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Now since the baby has entered this world, there are certain doubts in the mind of mothers. One of the major tensions is of poop or stool of the baby. So here are certain things you need to know about it.

  • When the child is on breast feed, every baby’s stool pattern is different. Some child might poop a little after every feed, or the child might pass the stool approximately 20-25 times in a day, that is also normal. Breast milk contains colostrum that acts as a laxative and softens the baby’s stool.
  • If the child is on breastfeed and passing stool once a week that is also normal, do not compare your baby’s stools pattern to other babies as everyone has their own pattern.
  • If the baby feel discomfort due to not passing stool like crying, or experiencing bloating, or putting pressure on anus with no result, then do visit the doctor so that the doctor can prescribe some medicines for the same.
  • When the baby is delivered the baby’s stool is mostly black in colour and a bit sticky. After 3 days the colour gradually changes from black to green and eventually from green to yellow. Within a week the stool colour changes to yellow.
  • Generally the baby’s stool consistency is soft but if the baby’s motion is like mucous or have foul smell or have blood in the stool, it might be due to some infection, so get the stool tested.
  • If pus cell are more than 10 in the stool test then the child is having some infection. If the child is on exclusive breast feed, the chances of infection are very low. So do not give any kind of top feed to the child till 6 months.
  • When the child is on breast feed the child’s motion are soft but when the child is on formula feed or top feed, the motions can be hard or dry. 

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