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How to choose your Baby's name

Baby naming is an exciting and fun exercise on its own. Whether to name a baby by meaning, by whats in vogue, by their horoscope or just something different and quirky, the options are many. What you name your baby will stay with them forever. So how do you pick THE name for your Precious little one?

1. Whichever name you pick, write it down, say it aloud many times ALONG WITH the surname. If it sounds right as a full name is when you should consider it in your shortlist.

2. Try writing down shortlisted names for different people and have them say it aloud so you can judge how different people will pronounce that name and decide if the name you are picking will stay so or get distorted in the real world.

3. Have other kids call out the name(s) you have shortlisted. For the longest time, the baby is surrounded by kids and how kids call out their names have an impact on how it is perceived.

4. Try calling out and writing the name in not just English but also your Mother-tongue as well as spoken language to make sure, the pronunciation and meaning does not get distorted or negative.

5. This may be a minor criteria but think about what short form will the original name acquire. It may or may not be to your liking. 

6. Increasingly many people have started picking up the letters recommended by their religion for no other reason than just convenience. If you are confused amongst many names, then fixing a letter of your choice may be a good starting point.

With these we bring you a selection of names to help you in your baby naming quest. Hope you enjoy these and find THE name for your baby

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