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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Key Pregnancy Milestones and timelines for all Trimesters

Whether its your first pregnancy or a subsequent one, you do feel the need to consult a kind of pregnancy calendar every now and then. Have I missed an important milestone? Should I be feeling baby kicks by now? Should I feel less tired by now? Well, making it easier for you, here is a compilation of important milestones all through pregnancy.

Please note, all weeks/dates are referenced starting LMP (Last known Menstruation date)

1st trimester pregnancy milestones

1. When do you get home pregnancy test positive?: 4th-6th week

2. 1st Ultrasound to confirm genuine Pregnancy - After 7th week (Before 7th week an Intrauterine Ultrasound can be done).

3. Important 1st trimester pregnancy scans and diagnostics - Including Blood Count, Electrophoresis, HIV Status, Hepatitis etc. between 7-10th week

3. Level I Ultrasound / NT-NB Scan - 11th-12th week

3. 1st Trimester ends - 13th-14th week

Overall, You may not feel too many pregnancy symptoms around the baby in 1st trimester. Some common symptoms of pregnancy you may experience are: Morning sickness, sleepiness or fatigue, tenderness in Breasts. Its not necessary to gain weight in 1st trimester.You may or may not do so depending on your levels of Nausea and amount of food you are able to keep inside.

Recommended supplements during this time include Folic acid. 

2nd Trimester - Begins 14th Week onwards

1. When do you start feeling baby flutters and baby movements - Anytime between 13th to 20th week. Generally around 15-17th. So don't worry if you don't feel it very early.

2. Level II Ultrasound / Anomaly Scan - 19th - 20th week

3. Tetanus shot - 24th-26th week

4. Gestational Diabetes tests (if any) - Week 26

4. Pregnancy 2nd Trimester ends - 27th Week

Pregnancy body changes in 2nd trimester- You will feel your weight growing in this trimester heavily (5-7 Kg) and so will your belly and breasts. You will feel more energetic generally and also increased appetite. However, you may also face common pregnancy symptoms like constipation, heartburn, Itching on belly and breasts frequent urination, pain in the butt etc. in this time. 

Some abdominal pain (lowed abdomen) , slight swelling of feet and hands is also common.

Recommended Supplements include Iron, Calcium, DHA. Others that could be recommended include Vit D3, Folic Acid etc. based on specific need.

Some accessories you can use to make it easy for you in this trimester and next include: Pregnancy body pillow , Stretch Marks cream, etc.

3rd Trimester - Begins 28th Week onwards

1. Tetanus Booster shot - 29th - 30th week

2. Third Trimester Ultrasound - Though not mandatory may be advised or conducted after Week 30.

3. When do airlines stop Pregnant passengers from flying - 32nd-37th week (depending on complications, no. of foetuses etc). You may read the detailed airlines policy by domestic flight operators here

4. Flying after 28th week of pregnancy? - You may need a Doctor's certificate. Check with your airlines prior to boarding.

5. IU tests  - Regularly after 35th-37th week

6. Pregnancy Considered full term - 37th Week

The final lap of Pregnancy makes you feel tired and really heavy once again. Lower energy levels, discomfort in sleeping on your back or any one side for too long, leg cramps, pressure on the belly especially post eating etc. are common 3rd trimester symptoms. You will continue to feel baby movements actively till about 9th Month (32nd/33rd week) which reduce after that as the baby has really grown and the space for their movement starts reducing. You should feel a few kicks everyday though and infact need to watch out for it.

Recommended Supplements include Iron, Calcium, DHA. Others that could be recommended include Vit D3, Folic Acid etc.

Start preparing for birth and time to put together baby and mother essentials you may need right after baby's delivery. Mother essentials include Nursing bras, nursing cover, feeding pillow, Nipple cream/butter. Others you may want to consider are Breast pump, post partum belt, 


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