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General Pregnancy Do's & Dont's

Pregnancy and baby changes a lot not just with us physically but also behaviorally. It is the time to be extra careful - not just about the 'What' but also the 'How'. So what are some tips and Do-Don't when it comes to food?


Do: Eat freshly-cooked food and consume within 3 hours of cooking. Make intelligent use of spices.

Dont: Reheat food using microwaves. Don't eat vegetable salads or soups unless it is freshly made; while one is not cooked at all, the other is overheated. Balance is the key here.


Do: Stay well hydrated and check that urine is clear at all times. Eat fresh fruit, drink local sherbets, coconut water, etc once a day.

Don't: overdo tea/ coffee. Especially quit the cup on rising, the dessert post lunch and the midnight raid on the fridge for ice cream, chocolate.


Do: Fix place to have meals and assume the cross- legged position to use gravity to your benefit. Also helps improve hip flexibility and digestion. Eat what is in season and stay rooted to your genetic preferences for meals

Don't:consume ready to eat / packed meals, eat fruits and veggies that are out of season eg: greens during the rains or apples in summer.


Do: Consciously assign meal time to yourself, at least the main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mindful eating truly nourishes the body and soul

Don't: grab lunches, rush your meals or eat while watching TV programs.


Do: serve yourself smaller portion at one time.

Don't: practice artificial portion control; instead focus on eating right and have the flexibility to adjust portions based on your appetite at each meal.

Eat well and stay healthy!

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